Your ideal prospects don't pay attention to cold emails,

But they do love fresh coffee.

Strike up a conversation over a cup of joe. 


How it works:

1) Select your ideal package

2) We custom roast the coffee, attach your message, and send it out

3) Sit back and watch the calls start to roll in



Have a list of prospects that you have been dying to reach out to?


Let's send them a personalized message that will get noticed, talked about, and lead to more conversations.

10 bags of coffee



We combine custom and traditional outreach.

LinkedIn + Coffee = 🙏

Let's send your prospects a personalized message directly on a delicious bag of custom roasted coffee. When they receive it we will start a LinkedIn and email follow-up campaign.


Have a lead that you have been wanting to reconnect with?


Let's send them a personalized message directly on a delicious bag of custom roasted coffee. 

1 bag of coffee


Why coffee?

When you send a cold email or LinkedIn message, there is no guarantee that your message will actually get read. Whether it's spam filters, a boring subject line, or your prospect just not caring to read another email, making sure that your message stands out is a MUST.

☕️ Your custom message, printed directly on a fine bag of coffee


☕️ 100% delivery rate guaranteed 

☕️ Coffee only roasted when you buy, no pre-roasted or store-bought coffee here

☕️ Repetition: they will see your message every time they make a cup of coffee

☕️ More attention for you and your brand with key decision-makers

Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 6.30.31 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-05-16 at 6.30.49 PM.png

The Coffee Story ☕️

Your prospects get dozens of cold outreaches every day, some are clever, but overall they feel impersonal.

So why should prospects give them any of their valuable time... the answer is that they probably shouldn't (unless they need exactly what they are selling at the moment). 

So why coffee?

You could have sent them a cold email, Linkedin Inmail, or even a loom video to express how much you are excited to connect.

However, that's not your style, and this is a way to prove it.

Coffee lead is a game-changer, and when your prospect is holding one of your delicious bags of custom roasted coffee with a message that was crafted just for THEM... you will be amazed at what can happen.

Our coffee, in the wild