Rent a marketer


It’s not that there aren’t other good marketing consultants out there. But when shit hits the fan, you need to bring in a heavy hitter.

Our favorite thing in the world is making marketing simpleπŸ’šβ€‹


We're not just doing "this social media thing" to make a ton of money from recycling the same old same information that you can find on a simple google search.


We're here because there is literally no greater joy than helping a business owner "get" social media and start getting real ROI from their social media efforts.


Your marketing person (even if its you) might be doing a good job. ut what if they’re missing out on the advanced strategies that can take your business to the next level?


Rent-a-marketer to get million-dollar strategies for a fraction of the price.


$100/month group mastermind


for 1:1

Very simple, have a specific set of questions?


Why not just text them to us and have us get back to you as soon as we can!


Pay for what you need, no waste!


Personalized answers for your situation

The best coaches can help you go from good to great!


Personalized marketing plans


Brand audits and optimizations


1:1 coaching to help you become a master marketer for your business


1:1 coaching

Lets work together to make you more $$$

from your from social media​


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The shortcoming of many marketers, in general, is that they focus too much on the nitty gritty, the jargon, the stuff that may not work and too little on the fundamentals of building a business, your reputation (brand), and most importantly sales (conversions).


Boundless Media and Nico differs in two key ways: first, from day one you talk to Nico he will be educating you as much as possible, and if you pay attention, you'll be able to do it completely yourself. Second, Nico is a sales focused, not marketing focused. So, he'll only tell you to do things that he himself has built, tested, and made money for him.


If you're looking for the most cost-effective investment into your marketing operations, have no prior marketing experience, and want to learn ASAP so you can do it yourself, Nico and Boundless Media is hands down my first recommendation for any small business out there.

Vickie and Tania

Owen-Speed Foundation

After sharing our story and business ideas at a private event, we were given the recommendation to speak with Boundless Media and see if they could possibly help.


We spoke to Nico, who returned the phone call immediately and set up a meeting with his team to see what our needs and our vision were.  After this meeting, we knew we were a fit and they had the team and knowledge to bring our goals and vision to fruition.


We have seen our businesses come to life and grow substantially in a very short time.  We not only believe Boundless Media played a pivotal roll in this but we have committed to a business relationship to take this to the top. Boundless Media isn't just our partner but our family.  We look forward to the future and know they will be a pivotal part of our success.