As of April 2021, LinkedIn has limited outreach to 100 new connections a week, down from its peak of 100 connections a day. But, this doesn't mean that your lead generation has to stop. 

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Grow and scale your sales pipeline without LinkedIn's limitations.

B2B Marketing Has Changed Forever.

✅ Done-For-You email lead generation

✅ 150 emails sent daily - 3000 new targets monthly

✅ Daily campaign monitoring and continued optimization

✅ Response monitoring and followup 


We have seen our businesses come to life and grow substantially in a very short time.  We not only believe Boundless Media played a pivotal role in this but we have committed to a business relationship to take this to the top. Boundless Media isn't just our partner but our family. 

Vickie & Tania, Owen Speed Consulting


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Key Features In Every Package

✅ Proven done-for-you campaigns

✅ Campaign setup and execution

✅ Data-driven campaign strategy

✅ Outreach messages created

✅ Ideal decision makers identified

✅ Qualified prospect list built

✅ Dedicated account manager

✅ Scheduled performance calls

✅ Ongoing campaign optimization

✅ Automated connection invites

✅ Automated follow up messages

✅ Easy-to-use client dashboard

✅ Advanced metrics reporting

✅ Intelligent messaging inbox

✅ Integrated connection tracking

✅ Import targeting lists

How Our Done-For-You Email Lead Generation Works


You'll meet your new team, we'll get to know your business & we'll get a clear picture of your ideal client.


We create messaging & world-class content that will build your brand and connect with the right people.


Our team constantly monitors your campaigns and engages with each new lead that is generated.

1. How can you help my business?


We focus on being your all-in-one lead generation and marketing team, always driving your investment's direct ROI. 


2. What type of sectors do you target?


We focus on helping technical businesses such as SAAS startups, IT professionals, and software development businesses. 


3. What are your core services?


Our services revolve around active and passive marketing:


Active marketing:


We find and prospect key decision-makers using multiple mediums such as Sales Navigator. We engage with at least 30-80 prospects a day and prioritize high-quality meetings booked on your calendar. 


Passive marketing:


We create hyper-targeted content such as blogs, infographics, and GIFs that helps educate and engage your prospects. Our team will source the questions, interview experts (usually you), and create creative marketing content that converts.  


4. How do you qualify your leads?


Qualifying a lead starts in the research phase by selecting the most specific key decision-makers who match your client's avatar. This is further done when we engage back and forth with warm leads to ensure only the most serious of them make it to your calendar. 


5. What strategies are you planning to use?

Here at Boundless Media, our biggest strategy is to create meaningful, valuable pieces of content and outbound marketing that gets in front of the key decision-makers you want to target.


6. What tools do you use?

Some of our favorites are Slack, Canva, and Linkedin Sales Navigator! We have a whole suite of technology to scrape data, design, and develop campaigns.


7. Why are you unique?

  • We book meetings on your calendar.

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

  • In-House content writers, marketing managers, graphic designers, and sales development team

  • When we say done-for-you, we mean it!


8. What are the prices of your services or products?

Your investment ranges depending on your business's objectives and goals. Find a time here, and I'll get you a quote within a few minutes. 

Add Predictable Sales To Your Business


If you're still relying on referrals alone, you are not truly in control of your sales growth. Don't get caught waiting for leads to come in the door. Let us start generating business for you proactively so you'll never have to wonder where your next deal is coming from.


It's becoming more and more challenging to cut through the noise and get your message heard by the right audience. By tapping into the power of outbound sales, we can put you in front of dream prospects that you never would have met otherwise.

Email Outreach Campaigns

Email outreach campaigns allow you to reach your target audience through one of the most widely used mediums in the world. Over four billion people have an email account! At the same time, over 420 billion spam emails are sent each week, with office workers receiving an average of 120 emails per day.

Because of that, it can be difficult for brands to cut through the noise. They can’t just approach email outreach as an afterthought because that’s a guaranteed way to make sure that they end up in people’s spam folders. Instead, you need to develop a comprehensive strategy with highly specific targeting so that people open and act upon your emails.

Getting marketing just right is all about reaching the right people with the right message at the right time.’s email outreach module is specifically designed to help you to do just that.

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