This package is for the person or organization that needs to create marketing content quickly. The basic package is 9 steps guide to establish your customer, niche, story, and get in front of the people who want to pay you. This program will also help you put together the three e’s of content which are entertainment, education, and engagement.

Was $97, Now $47!

  • Done on your own time

  • Cheaper than hiring a freelance marketer or agency

  • Clients save 15-35 hours on average by using our products

  • Workbook style allows you to apply what you learn to your business 

  • 100% email support to answer clarifying questions for 30 days

  • Additional consulting time can be purchased if needed

Frequently asked questions

Is this an online course?

Our products are a hybrid between online courses and workbooks. We have online education through videos and text but we pair each program with digital questionnaires that will be sent to you at the end of the systems.

What do I get out of it?

Each package has specific outcomes depending on the package but at the end you will have a clearer understanding of your marketing foundations as well as what needs to be done to set you up for success. You will design marketing materials and plans to get you where you get you to where your objectives are. And you will learn and start creating content.

How long will this take me?

Each package will differ in time investment but on average most people spend anywhere from 5-20 hours. Time investment is directly related to where you are today.

Why are you so cheap?

Rather than paying expensive fees to marketers to ask you the same questions and deliver you the same content, we decided to digitize it. We know that you are in the building phase of your business and you have to make sure that each dollar works for you. Our products don’t need off days or expensive healthcare, they are always available. We don’t sacrifice quality, we just give you exactly what you need to move your business forward.

Can I pay someone to do this for me?

For optimal results, we encourage you to go through the package but we do have additional review by a marketer package at an additional cost.

Why couldn’t I do this by myself?

You can! However, by using our proven systems you will save yourself precious time- an average 20 hours. You will also have the benefit of having products made by experts who have been doing social media marketing for years.

How long will I have access to this?

We will keep all your information secure for 2 years. As we approach this deadline we will notify you. If you no longer wish to have access to your profile no additional steps will be needed. If you wish to keep the account you will be subjected to an additional charge.




The Digital Marketing Pro package is for the person or organization that wants to start marketing and has never done it before or needs a refresher to adapt to a social media-driven marketing world. This product will help you understand your brand’s foundations, design a marketing plan that’s right for you, and help you execute on social media. This is an in-depth process with videos and accompanying texts and will guarantee you to come out with an ultra-clear direction for your marketing.