Digital marketing is not complex, so why have we been sold on the premise that it is? All marketing can be boiled down to: communicating a specific message to a particular person at a specific time. So if it’s that simple, where do we start?

Well, first and foremost, we have to start with the foundation. You wouldn’t build a skyscraper if you didn’t have a stable foundation, and your marketing is the same way. So let’s investigate!

– Who you are talking to?
– What you are trying to communicate to them?
– What context are they in on each social media platform?


By going to the core of your marketing, we will be able to get the most accurate information possible. These insights will be vital in the next two sections as well as serve to highlight those core areas that need more attention. 

Armed with a complete understanding of your brand’s foundations, we will start to implement the tasks to completing those missing parts. We will also move to design the strategy for your brand to reach the people who need to hear it the most.


In the foundational stage, we learned about all the elements that make up our brand today. In the design phase, we will plan where we want our brand to be in the future.

Having a strong foundation is a step in the right direction but does not guarantee success. Just because our skyscraper has a solid foundation, doesn’t mean we just set out and start building. The problem that most businesses run into is they feel that they need to post but have no plan for what to post. This leads to stress and often decision paralyze or worse, posting randomly, which can lead to driving people away as they feel like they have lost touch with what your company is up to.


One of the best ways to counter this is a content marketing strategy that addresses these specific questions:

– What content will get and hold the attention of our target market?
– What content will build a deeper connection and trust with our audience?
– What content will enable the conversation to begin between you and your audience?

With these questions explored in-depth, we will have the elements to create a content strategy that's right for your business and has a direction to help guide us in getting messages that resonate with those who need to hear it most.


In the foundation stage, we gained a deeper understanding of who we are today, and in the design phase, we put together a plan to get to where we want to go. The skyscraper has a solid foundation, a procedure on how it will be constructed, and now its time to roll up our sleeves and start. In the execution phase, we want to put it all together and sharing our brand with people who need to hear it at a specific time. 


During the execution phase, we will set up the right systems and processes based on your design materials. Basically, we work with you to construct a content marketing machine. The system will enable you to create targeted content habitually around topics that your audience cares about. Then we employ the right processes to post-produce and distribute content that moves your audience to take action.  


– Habit Training

– Content templates
– Marketing machine development


These elements enable businesses to put into practice the plans that we have designed by creating content and messaging for the platforms that offer the highest return on investment. The machine and templates will ensure that you spend less time creating marketing content and more time on actions that further help drive your business forward. Foundations, design, and execution feeds into the systems and processes, which drastically reduce the barriers to create scaling and distributing content that reaches people who need it.