Finally Making a Big Purchase!

Sarah Runyan (Copywriter & Content Creator)

Hey everyone! It’s time for another Slack It! We’re going to be a little less formal today. What made you decide to finally pull the trigger on making a big purchase?

So for a long time, I really wanted a Ninja Foodi. I had an Instapot, but I really wanted to be able to air fry too! Every time I’d go to the store and see one I’d make up some excuse why I couldn’t get it. So finally my husband and I decided that we would get it as our anniversary gift a couple of years ago. It has been amazing and makes our lives easier! We didn’t buy it because we were worried we wouldn’t use it that much, so we didn’t want to spend the money. We finally just said, “let’s do it!” And there’s no looking back! Lol, now our next purchase is the set of ninja pots and pans. We haven’t been able to make the jump to buy those yet.

Sinai Oleta (Sales Development Representative)

LMAO! I'm thinking about things I wanted to buy but couldn't right away hahaha there are a lot

Mostly if I don't buy something right away it is because of the following reasons: I don't have the money at the moment, it is not an urgent necessity (it’s a whim) or I consider I have spent too much money that month and that I need to save money.

Larissa (COO, Co-Founder)

For me, I recently bought a really nice pair of headphones that I had been wanting since Covid meant we were working from home all the time. Anytime I have a purchase that is more than $50 I always do a lot of research to find exactly what I want. So I looked at a ton of comparisons, learned all about how headphones are rated, talked to friends who had strong opinions about their headphones, and basically figured out exactly what I wanted in terms of specifications. Then Amazon had its prime day and the pair I wanted was on sale so I decided to get it, and I haven’t looked back since. I use them every day now and don’t want to imagine life without them

Andres Clamens (Sales Development Representative)

There have been quite a few things that I've wanted to buy and never did it right away. My most recent purchase was 2 8GB RAM sticks for my laptop. For months I've been thinking of making upgrades to my laptop to help with its performance so I can be more efficient at work and be able to run certain engineering programs and simulations more efficiently. I spent about 2 months researching what I need to consider when buying RAM and learned that the RAM for PC is different from the one for laptops, that there are different models of RAMs for laptops that run at different frequencies, and I finally landed a page that showed me which RAM sticks are compatible with my laptop and made the purchase on Amazon. I don't regret the decision.

Sarah Runyan

I'm really bad about not wanting to buy something for myself! lol Like I would rather spend the money on my husband or daughter than buy something new for me.

Sinai Oleta

I don't like to spend it, just to accumulate it hahahahaha not good.

Sarah Runyan

Money doesn't buy me happiness because I don't buy anything!


I do the same thing - if it’s for my dog I’ll buy it 99% of the time.

Jane Tampol-Polinar (Sales Development Representative)

I feel you, Larissa. my dogs have like a share on our monthly budget while for my personal expense, I'll do with whatever's left and that's not a lot. I buy whatever shampoo in the market for myself while the shampoo for my dogs are the ones I researched are best for them.

Jane Tampol-Polinar

As to the latest splurge, I grew up in a household where a vacuum is not a thing. I knew it would save me time and energy to buy them instead of "sweeping" but I always thought they cost a lot, Dyson's fault. lol, I recently came across a lot cheaper option, like just 3% of Dyson's cost but they're still pricey for me. I had it on my cart for like 6 mos. I don't really need to but I kinda justified buying it with my husband and when he said it's up to me, I just bought it and never look back.

Jose Fuentes (Team Support)

I'm not a big expender myself, I usually just buy fast food with my leftover money that's not house expenses. The only money I indulge in myself is for my video games. Like last time I expended on something like this was for a 1TB external storage for my backlog of digital games that cost $30. A total steal. I like to save my money or enjoy it on a pleasure meal.

Sarah Runyan

I am a bargain I always look at clearance items and I LOVE Black Friday and Prime Day!!

Justine Anderson (Content Manager)

Something that I have wanted to buy for a long time was a pair of Airpods. When I started attending classes online and working from home during the pandemic, I realized that wireless headphones would be beneficial, but buying Airpods still seemed like too much of a splurge at the time. After debating it a little more and researching other wireless headphones on the market, I finally decided that Airpods seemed like the best option for me since my phone and laptop are also Apple. I finally decided to buy a pair when I realized I would be working from home and attending classes online for a long time, so it felt worth it. I’m happy I talked myself into buying them because I’ve gotten a lot of use out of them!

Manuel Bahamonde (Sales Development Representative)

I do the same as you, Sarah! I love bargains. But sometimes I stop buying something just because I start to think that probably I could get a better price later or somewhere else, lol.

I often find myself using Amazon price trackers, haha.

Sarah Runyan

Black Friday can be very I think Cyber Monday is just as good, and you don't have to deal with people pushing and getting all up in your space!

Jane Tampol-Polinar

I also like your after-Christmas sale. haha, I used to binge-watch those youtube vids.. and the couponing! haha

Sarah Runyan

My next "big" purchase is going to be I'm like Justine and have to talk myself into getting them. I'm afraid I'm going to lose one then I'll really be mad! lol

Sinai Oleta

I'm a coupon addict.

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