Why Your Lead Generation Sucks

LinkedIn might not be the first platform that comes to mind when you think about lead generation, but it should be. Just for a minute, forget about Facebook and Twitter, and focus on the platform where professionals meet professionals.

LinkedIn is loaded with active users who are looking for solutions to their problems. Better yet, it’s a place where people want to connect and discuss these solutions. The most important part about LinkedIn is that you can directly contact the professionals with decision making power.

Over 20 Percent Of LinkedIn Users Have Purchasing Powers

With LinkedIn, you don’t need to cast a wide net and hope for the best. You can go right to the source and contact professionals with purchasing powers for their company.

That’s over 60 million LinkedIn users that you could be connecting with. With an advanced search, you can narrow down exactly who it is you’re looking for.

You can also click on their profile and check their bio. Here, you’ll often find out everything you need to know about them before firing off a professional and personal message.

What’s a better way to generate leads than that?

Where Do People Go Wrong With Lead Generation?

People approach lead generation the wrong way, every day. Often the problem is simply quantity over quality. You need to do your research and find your target audience. If you’re cold-reaching anyone and everyone, your team wastes time on people who have no interest in what you’re doing.

Another big downfall when it comes to lead generation is a lackluster website. Generating leads is only one part of the larger sales process. The goal is to turn these leads into loyal customers eventually.

If you run a smooth campaign and attract potential customers to your website only to feel outdated and difficult to navigate, you’ve wasted precious time. Everything needs to be right to get conversions.

Boundless Media Is Your Go-To For Lead Generation

Boundless Media is your go-to for LinkedIn lead generation. Two approaches work best together to get you the right leads—active and passive marketing.

Active marketing is all about research, finding your ideal lead, and starting a conversation with them. LinkedIn isn’t just about sitting around and hoping someone finds you. It would be best if you were active. With so many users, it can be hard to stand out; Boundless Media will help you stand out.

There’s also passive marketing. This is gaining leads through quality content. One approach is going out and finding clients; the other is creating content that showcases your expertise and allowing potential leads to be drawn to you.

Everyone wants high-quality leads, and Boundless Media can get them for you.

Have questions? Schedule a 15-minute discovery call here: https://calendly.com/nicodebruyn/15min

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