We're All Marketers

Inside this book you'll learn:

* The 20 foundational principles of marketing
* The new rules of digital marketing and how understanding them will set you apart
* How experts have applied them in their careers as well as case studies and examples
* How to use the marketing principles from the tailored checklists in your marketing strategy today

This is for anyone who wants to get deeper understanding of marketing!

Digital Marketing Pro

This product will help you understand your foundations, design a marketing plan thats right for you and help you execute on social media.

This is for the small business, consultant or entrepreneur who wants to revamp or get their marketing started on the right foot. Though this course goes through a lot, you will walk away with the tangible steps, systems and plans to dominate on social media.

Digital Marketing Basic

9 steps to establish your customer, niche, story, and get in front of the people who want to pay you

This is for the small business, consultant or entrepreneur who has very little time for marketing and need the foundational questions answered FAST.

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People come to me all the time eager to get help with their social media.

But they think that investing in social media is all they need to do to sell out their products or have a massive influx of prospects and leads.

Except that’s the equivalent of believing that just going to the gym will make you get in shape.

I want you to think about social media as working out: it can give you traffic and possibly your revenue a lift — but without eating well your gains will be minuscule. 


And your customers need more than pretty pictures and interesting content, they need content that will build trust and you need a plan to deliver that every time.


I’m Nico De Bruyn, and I’m an Author and Social Media consultant to businesses allocating $2,500 a month or more on social media spend.

Let’s be real: that’s a LOT of money, which means that not only do I have to be completely on my game, but the companies I work with do as well.

Because many social media consultants are happy to take their clients’ money, regardless of whether their social media strategy will work or not. 


But that’s not how I do it.

I want to dig deep and make sure that your funnel is working before we spend any time, energy, or money throwing traffic at it through social media content or management. That requires doing in-depth customer research and experimenting.

But what we get in return are insights, which will guide everything that we put out in the world.



For companies not dropping that much cash on their social media each month, I’ve put just about everything I know to be true about social media content creation and management into my Digital Marketing Pro course.


Unlike many of the other social media courses on the market, I take the time to dive deep into understanding the foundations, helping you design a plan that’s right for you and your business and the way I go about spending less than 3 hours a month on creating content to get at least 1 post a day out.