Add $500k to your pipeline.

We are a strategic B2B lead generation & marketing agency specializing in LinkedIn and Email for highly technical businesses.


We strategically target your ideal client on LinkedIn and over email to get them to engage with you.


We create & share content informed by your sales process to answer your client's most pressing FAQ'S.


All your messaging, content, prospecting, data collecting, and qualifying are covered by our highly trained staff.





We set you up for success by optimizing your accounts for social selling, drafting messaging that will get you interested leads, and creating content to showcase your expertise. Once we have approval from your team on everything, we put it all in motion.


Walk? Nope. We'll run with your campaigns, post your content, manage responses, and get people booked on your calendar for you. We'll analyze what is successful (& what isn't) and iterate to be better each week. We give you weekly reporting and keep your team updated as new leads come in.




Everything up to this point is taken care of by our team, but this is where you come in. The best part? All you have to do is sell. We'll bring the leads to you pre-vetted so you know they'll be a good fit. Then we can all pop some bubbly when you make the sale. 🍾

Our goal is simple: make you money. 

Boundless Media was founded in 2019 on the simple premise that marketing should be simple, actionable, and effective. 


The result? We get you:

  1. In front of the right people

  2. At the right time

We've always enjoyed helping businesses that are hungry for growth - just like us. We like to make sure you have a marketing team by your side to work in tandem with (and informed by) your sales process.


Sarah Michael,

Get Smart Accounting

Boundless Media helps me elevate my business social media presence to the next level through strategic targeting and outstanding industry-specific creative content. They’re enthusiastic, authentic, and always looking for more value to deliver.


Tristan Gaynor, Anavate Partners

Since partnering with Boundless, we have found that all our revenue channels, organic and inorganic, benefit from the outreach and content they create.

Vickie Speed, 

Owen Speed Consulting

We have seen our businesses come to life and grow substantially in a very short time.  We not only believe Boundless Media played a pivotal roll in this but we have committed to a business relationship to take this to the top. Boundless Media isn't just our partner but our family. 



It's not enough to just have an account anymore.

Social media has made it easier than ever to connect with anyone in the world. From your best friend in middle school to your ideal client, they are ALL on social media.


However, few businesses take full advantage of this. We set up highly targeted campaigns that focus on reaching out to dozens of your ideal clients every day and starting conversations with them. 

By showing up and actively marketing, we can learn who is interested in your services today, answer questions to qualify them, and schedule calls on your behalf with those who want to buy TODAY.



LinkedIn is a 24/7/365 networking event, and the best part is that you don't have to spend every waking minute networking to see the benefit.


We create blogs and graphics that answer your ideal client's FAQs, share stories, highlight industry trends, and specific content your ideal customers need to know about you. And did we mention we create hashtag strategies to boost your reach? #winning


By sharing content that showcases who you are, what experiences you have, and the value you bring to the table, you can be in front of people who could benefit from connecting with you.


The best part is that this can be done entirely passively, create the piece of content and post it; LinkedIn will do the rest and get it on the feeds of hundreds of people.


When you work with Boundless Media, you're getting a whole team who will strategize, optimize and maintain your account for you. Our lead gen experts, graphic designers, copywriters, sales development representatives, account managers, and project managers will work together to ensure every piece of your lead gen efforts are successful. 

The best part? You don't have to lift a finger. In addition to the Active and Passive marketing strategies, we do the following for you:

  • Respond to all messages on your behalf

  • Book leads directly on your calendar

  • Optimize accounts for social selling

  • Keep track of all questions you get during the sales process

  • Post content on your behalf

  • Weekly reporting

  • Account maintenance and support



Where do I come in?

Boundless Media is a full service agency, meaning we'll handle every piece of your sales funnel for you, all we need you to do is attend the sales meetings we'll set for you and work your magic. Our team will fully construct an outbound marketing funnel for you, manage all responses, create & post stunning content, qualify leads, nurture prospects until they're ready to jump on a call with you, then we'll book them directly on your calendar - all on your behalf. Interested? Let's see if we're a good fit!

What if I already have a marketing team?

We frequently work alongside marketing & sales teams, sometimes even assisting in content planning! We're people people, and would love to meet your team.

What's your guarantee?

We can't provide you a guarantee without getting to know your business, and we aren't the right fit for everyone. For example, if you sell a $500,000 product, the results will vary from a company selling a $5,000 product. On average, our clients see between 8-12 booked meetings with warm leads each month per account we run. We'd love to have a 15-minute discovery call to see if we're a good fit. Schedule it here.

How warm or cold are the leads you provide?

They are all warm and interested leads. We engage with each prospect through email or LinkedIn. Usually, this means we have engaged back and forth an average of 3-7 times before they jump on a call with you. Interested? Schedule a 15 minute intro call here.

What is your price?

The price varies based on the package you select with us, number of accounts you have us running, whether you want it to be actively managed, whether you want us to create content for you, and how customized you want your outreach. We can quote you a price when we go over your needs. We talk about it all in our discovery calls, you can book one here.

Do you work in a commission structure?

No, we do not offer a commission structure. Our pricing is a monthly, up front fee.