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Don't Be Scared, Don't Be Shy

Come on in the water's fine! Come on in and join us for the Friday Flash! We've got a lot to share with you this week so let's get started! Let's Automate!
Justine Anderson
Justine Anderson
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Come on in the water's fine! Come on in and join us for the Friday Flash!

We've got a lot to share with you this week so let's get started!

Let's Automate!

Last week, we talked about what to Automate in your sales and marketing process but this week we wanted to point out some things that you might want to think twice about automating. Let's get started!

Human Connection is a precious component of marketing as well as sales. A person has the power to empathize with customers while providing them with solutions they need - something technology can never do. The human connection allows for more personalized interactions, which will ultimately lead to customer satisfaction and retention! Some items that can't be automated are editing, research, prospect communication, client management, content review, and negative response review. Let's look at why these tasks shouldn't be automated.

There are programs out there, like Grammarly, that make editing simple. However, sometimes their suggestions are wrong, or it might actually miss a suggestion. So although you can use tools like that, you still want a set of human eyes to read through anything you're writing before you post it. We all know technology is great until it doesn't work, and that's why we don't want to automate our editing and review.

Research is also something that can't be automated. If we're honest, we don't even have a way to automate research. That's mainly because when you're doing research, you need to see for yourself what that research pulls up. So sometimes, those bots scanning the internet for the keyword you entered will pull up a site or article that isn't at all what you were looking for because the person who wrote the article tagged it with a keyword that doesn't fit what they wrote about.

Our final topic is personalization People like things personalized. Look at all of the online stores that offer personalized items. Your prospects and clients are the same. They want to know a person is going to be there for them when they need it. Don't automate things that still need your personality and empathy to show through. The human connection can be the deciding factor in whether or not a company will succeed.

Even if you can't automate these things to make your life easier, you can outsource it to a team like Boundless Media! We have the time to do things like research leads and personalize messages to them. You know where to find us if you're interested!

Slack It Like It's Hot

What is Slack It you might be asking? Slack It is Boundless Media's brand new way of bringing together experts to have real conversations about hot industry topics. We will have a new Slack It every week and might even invite you to be part of one someday! Here's a quote from this week's Slack It, which was focused on the best ways to stay active on LinkedIn. You can read the full conversation here!

Jose Fuentes (Team Support)

Following this train of thought, I believe building a widespread network is the most important thing about connecting. You never know where opportunities could be hiding since sometimes they come from strange places. The more, the merrier, they say.

Boundless Media Pet of the Week

We love our pets here at Boundless, and we think you will too.

Here's our Pet of the Week, Larissa's brother's dog Mowgli who got to hang out at her house this week!

Thank you for reading the Friday Flash!

Stay cool out there and have a great weekend!

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