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Did you sign as many contracts as you hoped this week? If not, we're here to help! How Do I Land More Contracts?
Justine Anderson
Justine Anderson
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Did you sign as many contracts as you hoped this week?

If not, we're here to help!

How Do I Land More Contracts?

So, you want to get more contracts signed? We're going to give you some simple steps to follow to help you land more contracts, especially if you're following this RFC model.

1) Make sure your brand is showcased in your profile - Regardless of the platform you’re on for RFCs, you want to make sure you are highlighting your brand. Sometimes you will have a personal profile, and sometimes it might be a branded business profile you use. Whichever one it is, your branded assets need to be the star of the show. Potential clients will look at your website, portfolio, testimonials, reviews, social media, and anything else that adds credibility to your profile.

2) Choose a niche. If you’re a web designer, focus on redesigns; if you’re a copywriter, focus on blog posts, etc. Turning your attention to a smaller group helps create a more focused group of leads. Casting a smaller net can mean you catch more qualified and ready-to-buy leads.

3) Practice your pitch and keep your proposals updated and fresh. It’s great to have a proposal template to fill in what you need to and apply for more jobs in a fraction of the time. However, you want to A/B test your proposals and update them every so often. Maybe someone you’ve signed a contract with has another job posted. If you apply with the same proposal they’ve seen before, they could overlook you.

4) Have a good system in place for proposals, interviews, and payments. Looking for the perfect contract can be time-consuming. Writing proposals, responding to messages, searching for leads, managing projects, making sure payments go through correctly — this is all just the tip of the iceberg. You want to have a strong system in place to make sure you are getting quality proposals to ideal jobs in a timely manner.

5) Do exceptional work. RFCs don’t mean cheap work. Yes, you will find people out there that want everything for a low price. However, having a system in place (see tip #4) will ensure that you only look for RFCs that fit your budget. Even if you take a job or two below your standard rate, it doesn’t mean you should produce a lower quality of work than you’d produce for a higher-paying client. You didn’t have to work as hard to get this client, so you can actually focus more time on their project.

6) Refer other contacts to jobs. Referrals are great in any industry! As you are looking for your next RFC clients, see if you could refer someone in your network to another project. This is a great way to build relationships with others, and build trust with potential clients.

We hope these tips help you sign some more contracts, and as always, we're here to help!

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