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How to Automate Your Life

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Larissa LaMaster
Larissa LaMaster
4 minutes

Automation is an amazing tool that we use every day here at Boundless Media. In March 2022, we automated over 70,000 tasks! Today, we will discuss the benefits of automation and how you can get started.

The main benefit of automation that we enjoy is automating our repetitive, tedious tasks. When we first started using automation, we asked ourselves, “What tasks do we hate doing? What tasks can we take off our plate by having a robot do it for us?” Automation gives time back to you and lets you focus on the more important parts of your business. Another benefit is it helps things like data stay consistent. Automation allows you to sync the apps you use to seamlessly send data points wherever they need to be. You can also use automation to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. We do this in our sales process by automating our follow-up sequence. The messages we send aren’t robotic, but we do have a robot remind us when to send an email to a prospect and can even send emails for us.

Many people might be scared of using automation because they don’t know how to code. But in reality, 99% of the automation we use at Boundless Media is no-code-required. You don’t have to be a coding expert to help your business run more efficiently. Taking the time to automate even a few tasks can really significantly impact your business. Automating tasks that may only take a few minutes can add up to hours, if not days, on a payroll period, allowing your team a lot more free time to improve your business. You’ll not only get better results for your business, but you’re also going to save time and money by automating.

You can use automation to streamline all aspects of your business. Some areas where we have automation in place are onboarding, accounting/finance, sales and marketing, fulfillment, and employee operations. Knowing that your processes are going to work without needing someone to check them every day has a lot of value. If you’re starting to think about where you might want to start automating, we recommend starting with one piece. One of the first things that got us into automation was asking, “How can we get better results for clients?”. So we started looking at our fulfillment process and figuring out what could be improved if it was being automated. Once we knew what we wanted to automate, we thought through the process to figure out where we would need automation. We figured out how everything works together to set ourselves up for success. You want to make sure you’re accomplishing the goal you set out to accomplish.

Next, we started looking at specific software or automation platforms that could help us accomplish our goals. We love using Airtable and Zapier. Zapier connects with most of the businesses' applications and makes triggering automation simple. Airtable fixes a lot of the problems you might face using less sophisticated tools and can automate natively, unlike Google Sheets. Again, we recommend understanding the process of what needs to happen before trying to set up your automation.

If you want to learn more about the steps you can take to set up automation, we put together a completely free automation training course that you can watch here. As always, if you have any questions or need help optimizing your lead gen process, feel free to contact!

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