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How To Define & Reach Your Target Audience

Regardless of what industry you’re in, everyone has the same goal: book meetings and close deals.
Nico DeBruyn
Nico DeBruyn
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When it comes to lead gen and reaching out to potential leads, you have a couple of different options. You can just reach out to everyone and hope that eventually, you land a meeting or close a deal. Or, you can get super specific in who you reach out to, making sure they are your ideal target audience and sending a meaningful, well-thought-out campaign to set meetings faster and close more deals.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, everyone has the same goal: book meetings and close deals.

Booking meetings with the wrong company or person is a waste of time. You don’t want to meet with someone that won’t benefit from your services. Carefully qualifying leads before you reach out to them may sound like a lot of work, but using the right tools and strategy can make this process quick, painless, and rewarding.

Quality over quantity is the name of the game when it comes to generating leads that have a high probability of setting a meeting and signing your contract. There are three steps to this process, and each stage has tools that make them easy to do. Using these steps will streamline your lead generation and get more meetings booked on your calendar.

The steps that we follow are:

  • Research
  • Define
  • Reach Out

We’re going to break down the steps and talk about some of the tools you can use to find quality leads for your agency.

First, you need to research who you want to reach out to. It’s not enough to just know the type of business you want, i.e., tech companies, marketing firms, software companies, etc. You need to know who is the right person to talk to at that company. Reaching out to a CEO is different than reaching out to a marketing manager. You might use a different strategy, your messaging will be different, and the platform you use to send them a message could be different too. Finding out the companies you want to target isn’t done through a simple Google search. You want to use technology like for your more technical-based companies or for SaaS companies. These sites will aggregate a list of companies in a specific area from a certain industry. They will also tell you relevant information like the company’s size, how much revenue they bring in, and reviews on their company. These tools are a great way to narrow down your search and find the businesses that truly fit your niche.

Next, you’re going to define your target audience. There are three layers to defining your audience. This is like an onion with its different layers. The first layer is the most basic layer in defining who you want to reach out to.

The first layer includes:

  • The industry you’re targeting
  • Their location (are they local or a national company)
  • Their revenue

The second layer has a little more meat to it. You’re going to break down more about the market you’re trying to connect with. This layer includes:

  • Age of the business
  • Technology they use
  • Seniority of lead

Then we get to the last layer. This layer is the most important. All of this information is found during the research phase. Using this information in your message campaign can help you stand out from other companies. This layer includes:

  • Are they hiring or not
  • Have they raised money recently
  • Are they hiring someone that offers your service

Generating your campaign strategy becomes much easier once you’ve defined everything you need to about your audience.

Finally, it’s time to reach out. You will take all of the information you found during the research phase, use the defining factors to understand their problems, and create a campaign that will make them want to have a conversation with you. You’ll need to know the best way to reach your recipient. Is email the best way to reach out, or should you use a social media platform like LinkedIn or Instagram? Include these questions as part of your research and defining phase. As you aggregate information about companies, you might also find LinkedIn profiles, email addresses, or other pertinent information about your lead. This will help you personalize your campaign as well.

This strategy isn’t new, but when it’s followed consistently and correctly, it can bring in more closed deals and quality leads. Don’t get bogged down in the thought that you need to send messages to everyone. Keep it simple, do your research, and make sure your campaign messaging fits your niche and target audience. You can sit back, attend meetings, close more deals, and bring in more revenue when you start using this process. Contact Boundless Media today if you want a company that can handle all of this for you and create a strategic campaign that will get you more meetings!

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