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How to Sell a Revised Product Offering

How to close more deals by selling a revised product offering.
Nico DeBruyn
Nico DeBruyn
4 minutes

Breaking up your larger service into smaller pieces, aka selling ala carte, is killing your business. Why? You’re often giving up control of the things you need to be successful. For example, for our business, having clients do their own BDR work resulted in it not getting done on time or wouldn’t be done right, making it nearly impossible to get the best results for our client. So, we now do all of the BDR work, and we’re getting much better results.

An old expression says, “You don’t want to be hands or feet for your clients. You want to be the brain, hands, feet — the whole operation for your clients.” You are the expert at the solution you’re providing and know what will make your clients successful. It’s hard to guarantee success because there are so many elements out of your control, so focus on what you can control.

So, what does this mean for you? Will you have to turn away 99% of deals? Probably not. But it does mean that you’ll be more prepared to sell the outcome of your solution and all the necessary elements to result in that desired outcome in your sales meetings. In the sales call, you’ll want to gauge if you can solve their problem with your solution and everything it entails. If they start saying how they only want bits and pieces of your solution, you’ll have to figure out if the partnership will be worth it for you and if you’ll still get the results you want.

Let’s put this idea into a real-world example. Say you have an SEO business, and you offer web development, content creation, and backlink services. You’re jumping into a super-saturated market if you just provide SEO services. But, because we want to focus on the end solution, which might be driving a specific type of conversion or increasing the number of people who visit the website by X amount, you can sell that outcome to your prospects. You can compare hiring someone to optimize SEO once for a lower price to your services which will create more long-term success and meet their goals. Case studies, testimonials, and stats come in handy at this point in the sales process to prove that your method works.

By having a larger product offering with more services, you can provide better results because you own everything from start to finish. With a revised product offering, you can increase your revenue and get better results without having to sacrifice the quality of the results you’re promising.

Don’t be worried about prospects being shocked by the higher price of your product. If you’ve quantified the value of your product and mapped out specific numbers, it shouldn’t come as that big of a shock to your prospect. This is where having your bonuses lined up comes in handy because your prospect will see how much added value they’ll get by working with you.

To learn about this process from start to finish, from finding your niche to closing the deal, check out our podcast playlist! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to nico@getboundlessmedia.com!

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