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Setting Up A Perfect Sales Call

How to set up a perfect sales call.
Nico DeBruyn
Nico DeBruyn
5 Minutes

Selling is often the most challenging part of the sales process, but it doesn't have to be! With the right prep work and the right questions in hand, a sales meeting can be painless and effective. Today we'll talk about a few things you can do to make your sales meetings more productive and enjoyable for everyone involved. 


To have a successful sales meeting, you must lay down a solid foundation. When messaging a prospect, you want to constantly be trying to see if they would be a good fit for you. By asking qualifying questions early on, you can avoid meeting with people who you can't help. To do this, you want to understand why a prospect is seeking your products or services. Getting an idea of their problem early on will help you set up your sales meeting later.


Just like how you want to learn more about your prospects, you should also educate them about your business. 


It's never a good idea to meet with a potential client who knows very little about your business. You can save a lot of time in the meeting by sending resources in the weeks leading up to the call. This is crucial for your sales process because it gives them a quick "overview" of who you are and what you're selling. Sending reminders and messages before the meeting also helps reduce no-shows, which can be expensive and annoying!


On the sales call or discovery call, as we call it here at Boundless, you'll want to answer three main questions.


1) What is the prospect's goal?

2) What does their current state look like?

3) What does the future state need to look like to achieve the desired outcome?


By asking these three questions, you can break down their goal and see if you can help them achieve it. We suggest starting by breaking the ice and asking them to give a brief history of their company and how they got to where they are today and transitioning the conversation to asking where they want to be in the future. The two main goals people usually try to achieve are to increase revenue or save costs.


Regardless of the goal, it's important to quantify it and give it a time frame. For example, if a prospect wants more forms filled out on their website, get them to say how many they want to be filled out in a month, six months, or whatever timeline works for your business. This helps set expectations early on in the conversation and enables you to filter out clients with unreasonable expectations. 


After you've had a conversation with the prospect about their goals, current state, and future state, you get to the point where you decide if you can or want to help them. It's okay if, after the conversation, you realize they're not a good fit for you. You can refer them to someone else or provide helpful resources and end the conversation there.


If you want to help them, however, you can begin by asking the prospect why now is a good time for them to accomplish their goal. Their answer will further help qualify them before you move into the solution you can provide. This is the first time in the conversation where you should really be talking about your services and what you think will help accomplish your prospect's goal. Then pause and let them respond. If there still needs to be some clarification about what you do, help clear it up. If they're stuck on the price, you can refer back to the notes you took earlier in the conversation about goals and outcomes and those costs. After everything is discussed, you can present the next steps and take it from there.


We hope this helps set up your sales meeting in a more structured and effective way. Remember, the point of the initial call is to see if you would be a good fit for them and if they would be a good fit for you. If you have any questions about our process or lead generation, don't hesitate to reach out! You can email Nico at nico@getboundlessmedia.com to learn more!

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