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What to Do With Pixel Data

Learn what's possible by using the data you receive from our website pixel!
Justine Anderson
Justine Anderson
6 minutes

If you’ve heard anything about our website pixel, you might be wondering how you can use the data from it to help improve your business! We’re here to walk you through some different methods our clients use to grow their business using the data from our website pixel. 

Let’s quickly review the process of how you get data from your website using the pixel. Our pixel is a really short code snippet that goes directly on your website and is an analytics tracker that triggers whenever anyone enters your website. It sends information about your website visitors to our backend database that you can then use to put wherever you have data for campaigns stored. With over 300 data points, we can gather virtually anything you need to know about your visitors, but most commonly, it will be names, emails, phone numbers, whether or not someone is on a do not call list, geographic information, social media accounts, what pages people visit, and for how long. 

So,  you have all this great information about your website visitors, but how can you use that data to get them across the finish line and purchase your product or service?

Let’s start with retargeting ads. Not every business will want to do retargeting ads because it really depends on your current marketing efforts and who your target audience is. Our pixel allows you to take the email address associated with individuals who visit your website and paste them directly into your Google Ads manager or your Facebook Ads manager, TikTok ads, Twitter Ads – anywhere you want. Many of our users use the data in MD5 or Shop256 to create their own retargeting audiences made up of anyone who’s been on their site. 

Let’s say you have an ecommerce business, and you want to retarget for a specific product. You might want to create a filter of people who have already looked at that product and similar products on your site. Maybe you want to leave out people who only visited your home page but no other pages on your site. We can gather that information for you to use in your ads manager. This helps bring down your customer acquisition cost significantly. One of our users brought their cost per click down to only $0.15 using our pixel. Using specific data to create unique audiences makes your ads far more effective and valuable to your business.

Along with retargeting ads, you can use the data from your pixel to add people to your email campaigns or invite them to sign up for your newsletter. You can use the information about your website visitors to learn exactly what your audience is most interested in and create campaigns specifically tailored to those topics. This helps people learn more about your businesss and they will be more likely to convert since they already have some background knowledge about you. The data from the pixel helps take out the guesswork usually involved in email marketing. You no longer have to guess what the person is interested in or what their pain points are. 

The third way you can use this data is through cold calling. Whereas email can be great for high-end B2B services, cold calling is a good method to use if you have a high-end B2C service or product. Let’s say you sell luxury patio furniture and the average price tag is around $5,000. The pixel can help you identify people looking at a specific item on your website and then your sales people can give them a call to give them more information about that specific item. The leads you can gather from the pixel are already fairly warm, so your sales people won’t necessarily by completely cold calling someone. Leads will be much more likely to respond positvely to someone reaching out to them since they already know who the company is and what they do. We ensure that none of the leads we hand over to you are on the Do Not Call Registry, so you can call them with a peace of mind.

The last common method for using this data is through direct mail. Direct mailers can be very profitable and can help people get back into your business, whether you have a brick and mortar store, an online store, or both. You can send mailers to people who have already visited your website and send them more information. This can help people finalize their decision to buy and increase your sales! 

No matter which method of outreach you choose, we suggest looking at your data from the campaigns frequently to see what’s working and what isn’t. To be successful, you’ll have to test often. If you have any questions about how our website pixel works or how you can use it to help improve your lead generation, feel free to reach out to Nico at

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