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Tristan Gaynor
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Tristan Gaynor


Anavate Partners needed to expand their reach, generate more leads, and come up with strategic, customized LinkedIn and email campaigns. They wanted to reach a very specific target market with strategic targeting, content, and copy but wanted to focus on building relationships with current and potential clients.

Our Solution 

Boundless Media has been able to meet all of the needs Anavate Partners had. We have launched multiple message and email campaigns, created content, content plans, blogs, and whitepapers that have helped Anavate show their current and potential clients that they are a leader in the industry. With a dedicated Sales Development Representative, they have been able to turn leads into booked meetings on Anavate Partner's calendar. Anavate Partners has expanded its reach, booked more meaningful meetings, and has content relevant to their brand.


Connections Using Boundless Media's campaigns, Anavate Partners has made 124 quality connections.


Collaborating with Boundless Media, Anavate Partners was able to streamline their content plan and their content reached over 1,200 people.

Meetings Booked

Through Boundless Media's strategic campaigns, Anavate Partners has booked 7 meetings.


Using Boundless Media's content plan and messaging strategies, Anavate Partners had an average response rate of 49.73%.

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