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Did Ya Get My Email? 🖥 In the past, we’ve talked about how useful email marketing is to B2B companies. This week, we’re going to talk about using email to your advantage throughout the buying process, including before and after sales calls, when prospects respond positively, and when they don’t respond as positively to your messages. The biggest hack we’ve found for responding to emails is to create templates and have drafts ready for all response types. Each template should relate to the message’s context, be personalized, and include value for the person reading it. Having templates ready to use as reminders about meetings, follow-ups to meetings, and introduction emails can save you a lot of time and energy, something we could all probably use more of in our lives! Even if you use templates, you’ll still need to include personalization tokens before sending them out. Make sure to mention the person by name and include anything specific to your relationship with them. If you’re sending a follow-up email after a meeting, say something funny that might have happened during the meeting or include information that they asked for specifically.

Hi [Name], I really enjoyed chatting with you earlier today and learning more about you and [company name]. I promised you some more info and here it is. I’ve attached more information about [request] and [other]. Please let me know when you have had a chance to take a look at this info and would like me to give you a call to discuss. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

In templates for thank you-for-reaching-out emails or if someone asks for more information, include links to content you have already created, such as blogs, infographics, videos, and anything else that you think might be valuable to your prospect. Below is a template we use to send more information. Hi [first name], Of course, happy to share. Below are a few resources that go into depth about who we are and our process. We help Software-based companies generate consistently booked calls every month with your ideal clients at a very high level. A few resources: Our AMP strategy brings together active and passive marketing tactics for more booked calls each month Here is a quick overview of how Boundless Media works and what we offer

When using email marketing, you’re bound to get a few no’s and a few people who wish to no longer receive emails from you. Rejection is completely normal, so don’t get discouraged! Having a template to use when this happens can help you move on from the lead more quickly and walk away-ay-ay (cue the girl from Vine.) Here’s a template we use when someone no longer wants to hear from us. Hi [first name], Thank you for your response. If I can be of any value to you (happy to share tips and tricks or do a digital audit for [business name]), please let me know. Have a great day.

We recommend storing your email response templates in one location, such as a Google Drive folder so that they’re easy to find and you can send emails quickly. If you're a Calendly Premium Subscriber, you can also store personalized templates within Calendly to easily send out emails before and after meetings. Need some help drafting templates? We’re happy to assist!

What's Your Score? 💯 Remember last week when we talked about how to make your LinkedIn profile awesome for social selling? This week, we wanted to show you how to see if your profile is optimized for social selling by using a free tool offered by LinkedIn. The Social Selling Index (SSI) is a tool that you can use right now to see how well your LinkedIn profile performs. To find your SSI score, head to You’ll need to be logged in to your profile to see your score. You’re going to see a lot of numbers, but don’t worry. We’ll explain what each number means and how you can improve your overall score!

The first thing you’ll notice is the circle and a score out of 100. A perfect score would be 100/100, but don’t worry if you’re not there. Your score has four main components, which are differentiated by the four colors you see in the circle. Each section is worth 25% of your score, so they’re each equally as important. The four components are professional brand, connections, engagement, and relationships. Let’s walk through each element. Professional Brand: This measures how complete and professional your profile is. If all sections of your profile are filled out, you likely have a high score. Connections: This section is all about expanding your network and connecting with the right people. This section can be improved continuously, which is why we’re helping you connect with new people every day! Engagement: Regularly posting and interacting with other people on LinkedIn can help boost your engagement score. Engaging in discussions with other people can help show LinkedIn that your profile is active and engaged. Relationships: According to LinkedIn, 73% of B2B buyers prefer sales professionals who have been referred by someone they know. This is why forming strong relationships can be so important. Even if you don’t sell to someone, developing a relationship with them means they will be more likely to recommend you in the future. You can improve this score by connecting with decision-makers and nurturing your relationships.

If you want to optimize your profile for social selling, remember these four sections when thinking about where you can improve. You can learn more about SSI here! Remember, we're always here for you if you have any questions!

Memes Memes Memes Sierra, our amazing Account Manager, came across this meme, and we all loved it and thought we would share. 😁

Don't get discouraged if a prospect ghosts you, it happens to the best of us. Our primary focus is on the people who DO want to talk to you, not on those who don't.

We hope you enjoyed this week's Friday Flash! Cheers to making it to the end of the week! 🎉 Take some time to do what makes your soul happy this weekend.

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