Closing More Demos Using Automation

We’ve all had that dreaded email chain that eventually the person on the other end just stops responding. It starts with your cold email. You hook them, and they want to learn more. So, of course, you respond with, “Great! How about Thursday at 11 AM?” And so begins the back and forth of “That doesn’t work, what about this time”? Where you never land a demo, let alone a sale. Those scheduling nightmares can be a thing of the past, and you can even nail down a demo faster if you use Calendly.

You can easily send your calendly link with your first email to make scheduling a breeze! But wait! There’s more! You can also use Calendly to automatically send additional content to your prospects and help them learn more about your company without bugging them every day until your meeting. CEO and Co-Founder of Boundless Media, Nico De Bruyn, uses this method to send out his emails to leads who have booked using Calendly. “It’s a great way to share information about your company and connect with your prospect. I’ve also seen an increase in demos and closed more deals since starting this process.” How do you do this? It’s easy to implement these habits when you send emails, and Calendly makes it easy for you too.

Let’s explore Calendly and what it can do for you. In a recent survey, 88% of Calendly’s users said meeting no-shows have decreased by using automated reminders. Remember, your prospect will schedule the meeting using your link so you can set up reminders to go out the days and even hours before the meeting. When you set reminders, you can insert your content and slide it in with the reminder. Maybe you have a FAQ sheet you want to send, your latest LinkedIn post, or a video showing your product in action. Whatever it is, sending it with your reminders and follow-ups is a great way to stay connected. Below is Nico’s process when it comes to follow-ups and meeting reminders.

  1. Send Calendly link to schedule a meeting

  2. Send a thank-you email with a video

  3. Email over your latest blog post

  4. Send a text message reminder, and email over a LinkedIn post

  5. Email a Loom video and reminder over the day before the demo

  6. Demo your product.

Using this method gives the person you’re meeting more information about your company, product, and yourself. Your content typically answers some of their top questions, which will help them understand how your product will solve their problems- making it easier to land the sale. It makes your emails and reminders stand out from the rest. Say goodbye to the “I can’t wait to meet with you” or “We’re still on for tomorrow, right?” emails.

Sending automated emails doesn’t replace good follow-up for a prospect. Creating content, emails, reminders, videos, and personalizing them all take a lot of time. If you don’t think you have that kind of time but still want to land more sales, then take a look at a lead gen or marketing company, like Boundless Media. We can do all the work while you sit back and land those sales.

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