Creating Content Using Your Content

In this blog post, we will discuss a great way to develop a blog and create multiple pieces of content from one blog. Content is king in the world of marketing today. But, if you're not producing new content every day, just remember, your competitors are. As a result, many marketers find themselves spinning their wheels trying to develop ideas for new content when they should be focused on creating content from what they already have!

Content Creation can be made easier by utilizing social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn Groups to generate fresh topics for articles or blog posts. These groups allow members to share information about what they've been reading and thinking about recently and what type of content they would enjoy reading more of in the future. The Content Creation process is ongoing and never-ending! There are always new things happening in the world that you need to stay on top of if your company's voice is going to be heard. Once you have an idea for a blog, whitepaper, or article, you can create many different forms of content from just the one piece you’ve written.

So, you were just browsing through your favorite LinkedIn group and saw an amazing idea for a blog post. You wrote it, and it's amazing, so you posted it to your website and all social media accounts. Now what? Well, now you can take that blog post and turn it into a whitepaper. You can also take some information from your blog and turn it into an infographic. What about a newsletter? You can email all of your clients and leads with a newsletter centered around your new blog post! Don't forget to share that newsletter with your social channels for more content! The final way to create content from your blog is by pulling out quotes. Use two or three quotes that you really like and create posts! So let's review. How many pieces of content did we create from a LinkedIn group?

  1. Blog

  2. Whitepaper

  3. Newsletter

  4. 1-2 infographics

  5. 2-3 different pieces by using quotes

So you have around eight pieces of content just from an idea you saw in a group!

Now that you've got your content, it's time to start planning for the future. Content creation is a lot of work, and there are so many different ways to create new content from existing pieces! If this seems a little overwhelming for you, don't worry! Boundless Media is here to help with all of your content needs.

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