Develop a Content Machine to Increase Output & Decrease Time Invested

"What do you mean by content machine?" I hear this question a lot. The truth is, the term is all about quantity versus quality. Content machines can generate higher volumes of content with less time invested than normal marketers or business owners who create just one or two pieces per day. In today's blog post, we're going to discuss how you can turn yourself into your own personal "content machine."

I'll start with the basics. You can break up your long-form content into smaller pieces and reformat it for social media, video, text messages, or email campaigns. The idea is to produce more of what you're already doing but in a different format that's better suited to distribute on certain channels. This will help save loads of time.

A content machine consists of several components that help break down long-form content into smaller pieces while still providing valuable insights for your audience. Now, let's break it down:

Content Inspiration

First, you need to know what to create content about. You can get inspiration from your past posts, audience feedback, or even articles you've read. We also like to look and see what top FAQs there are in the sales cycle to integrate our sales and marketing efforts better.

Remember to know your niche and create content that your target audience will find interesting and will help educate them on the topic. The goal should be to create high-quality and engaging pieces that entertain, educate, or engage your audience!

Long-Form Content

Now we get to the fun part: creating the long-form content!

Long-Form content can be a blog, full-length video, or anything long enough to break into smaller chunks.

You want to make sure that your long-form content is structured and has a clear goal in mind. In the beginning, your audience should know what they will get out of the piece. Need an example? Re-read the first paragraph of this article. 😉

Videos can often be easier when starting because it's easier to talk than to write. You can record yourself discussing a topic and transcribe it to turn it into a blog (with a little editing for readability, of course).

Short-Form Content

Now we get to break that long-form piece into smaller chunks that are better suited for social media. Pick out 3-6 main points from your long-form content and turn them into graphics, infographics, quotes, text posts, memes, short videos, etc.!

"Social media content is short and to the point. It's an abbreviated message for your audience."

You can find and create a lot of these types of assets in Canva (or any other graphic design program). If you're great at automation, you can create tools for yourself to create these for you based on pre-made templates automatically.

The Output

From a single piece of long-form content (which you can post as well), you can easily break that down into 6+ social media posts, each of which can be reformatted for whichever platforms you wish to grow on.

The concept of a content machine is simple: Get a big idea, and break it into smaller, more digestible pieces.

Feedback Loop

Look at your engagement on your newly created content: questions, comments, and feedback to source new content ideas! Then you start the machine over again.

The End Result

If you do this every day, you can easily have mountains of content to post on each platform you want to build an audience on and keep your posts top of mind for anyone viewing them in the future. A content machine is a valuable strategy for you to implement that increases your output of high-quality, engaging content. Need an example? See all the images we've created below in 5 minutes using automation and a content machine, all based on this blog.

Boundless Media can help create your content for you, too. Have questions? Let's chat.

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