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It's almost the weekend. 🙌

Welcome! We're excited to share some social media tips with you this week + some wellness tips as well to shake things up! (P.S read to the end to see our Pet of the Week!)

First, please enjoy the funniest thing we saw on LinkedIn this week. 😂

So many choices... so little time. 😩

We know how tempting it can be to promote your business on every social media platform — the more exposure, the better, right? The truth is, not all platforms are ideal for promoting all types of businesses. Instead of wasting time building a business profile on every social channel, we like to live by one simple rule. 70 / 20 / 10 This rule recommends spending 70% of your time and budget posting to one platform. This platform should have proven most effective for your business in the past. If a good percentage of your sales come from LinkedIn, for example, it makes sense to keep posting there most often. This should be content that builds your brand, meaning it provides value, education, and relevance to your audience. You can then spend 20% of your time and budget on platforms that are doing well, but maybe have a smaller following than your top performer. You can post content from other sources here to earn the trust of your followers and engage in conversations with them. You can spend the remaining 10% of your time trying out experimental platforms that can grow your business. You can use posts on experimental platforms to attract new customers. This is an excellent spot to play around with new ideas and get more comfortable with the platform you're using.

Take Care of Yourself 💛 I need to start doing a better job of this (it's Justine here, hi 👋). I want to start making more of an effort to stretch more, especially during and after work! Stretching is so important to help prevent injuries and undo the effects of sitting all day, but I just never remember to do it. So my hope is that if I encourage you to stretch more by including it in this newsletter, I'll listen to my own advice! Here's a helpful infographic from Working Against Gravity with some stretches to implement into your day. Let's take better care of ourselves together. 😊

Boundless Media Pet of the Week 🐶

We love our pets here at Boundless, and we think you will too.

Here's our Pet of the Week, Andres' dog, Bloomberg!

Thanks for reading the Friday Flash! ⚡ We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

With 💛,

The Boundless Media team

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