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According to Statista, in 2019 the U.S. spent over 350 million dollars on email advertising! 81% of B2B marketers say their most used form of content marketing is email newsletters. So how do you stand out, and how to get leads to open your emails? We’re going to take a look at some of the best practices to go from the first email to a returning customer. First, why is email marketing so successful? Honestly, because it has one of the biggest ROIs when compared to other forms of marketing. According to Campaign Monitor, in 2019 email had an ROI of $42 for every dollar spent a $4 increase from $38 in 2018! Now that we know you get a huge ROI, let’s make your emails stand out!

We’ll start with a quick tip from one of our own. Sierra Meyer, Account Manager for Boundless Media, says “Be specific in the targeting and keep the emails short and to the point, but still friendly.” Now, you might think the first step of getting your emails read is your subject line. Not true at all. You need to start by crafting an email that has valuable relevant information that your recipients will want to read. Your emails should be clean and to the point. Let your reader know who you are, and why they want to read this. Offer your advice on an industry-specific topic, answer questions they’ve had, or let them know how your business can help them. Keep your font plain, spacing consistent throughout, a simple design, and a clear CTA. Remember K.I.S.S; keep it simple salespeople! Ok, let’s move on to the next step.

You know when you see your crush across the room, they look at you and smile so naturally you smile back and wave, only to realize they were looking at their friend walking behind you so now you have to look like you’re fixing your hair or stretching? That’s what a poor subject line is like. Your subject is the second step in creating an email that will get opened. So how do you make your subject line stand out? First of all, you want to personalize your subject line. 88% of users agree they are more likely to respond to an email favorably if it looks like it’s been specifically created for them. So no more “LIMITED TIME OFFER” subject lines. Instead use ones like “Hey John! You’ll want to see what’s in this email” or, “Hey Jane, let me tell you how to solve this problem.” You do need to keep your subject lines short and sweet. If they get cut off they lose their effectiveness. If you’re having trouble coming up with snappy subject lines, you can always use a website like this one to see how your subject line scores. You could also let someone else do everything and hire a company like Boundless Media to take care of everything for you!

So, you know you need a snappy subject line, and the body of the email needs to be clean, crisp, and have valuable information, but what is valuable information? Yes, you might go after leads in the same industry, but every business is different. Business A might have a different pain point than business B. It’s up to you to do your research and know what they need help with. However, we won’t leave you to guess what should be in the body of your email, so here are some tips to filling the body of the email.

  • Cover information that will be of interest to both sides. That will show them you’ve done your research on them.

  • Point out the pain points your company can fix for them

  • Testimonials! Use testimonials from your other clients. This shows your prospect that you can be trusted and you know what you’re talking about

  • Strong CTA is key. Don’t close with “Hope to hear from you soon….” close with something like, “I’ve included my calendly link, let’s schedule a call.”

Email isn’t going anywhere, so it’s not something that you can ignore. If your emails aren’t getting read then you’re not making money. Now that you have an idea of what should go into your email, how it should be formatted, and what kind of subject line you need, here are a few more tips to send your emails to the next level.

  • Your email should feel human and generate a conversation. Ask questions that the recipient will want to answer (this means you get a reply).

  • Have a template for every type of email you will send. Templates can save you so much time! However, make sure you are still personalizing each email.

  • Connect with your audience. Don’t just send an email to send it. Let them know why you’re sending the email.

  • Don’t forget mobile devices! According to Hubspot, mobile opens account for 46% of all email opens. You want your email to be well formatted for phone and desktop viewing.

  • Timing is super important too. You don’t want your email sent when your lead is busy, or not around their computer, or buried in all of the emails that came in over the holiday weekend. Studies suggest sending emails mid-weed around 10 AM is best for the average 8-5 office employee. If you’re sending to an entrepreneur or executive, they open emails more frequently so when you send matters a little less.

Following these steps will help you generate more leads from your emails. Don’t forget, Boundless Media can always take away the headache of emails and lead gen for you. Happy emailing!

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