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Things are heating up! (Here in Phoenix, it's already triple digits every day, plz send help.) ☀️ So, grab a nice cold glass of ice water and enjoy this week's edition of the Friday Flash!

Emails, Emails, Emails. We love to hate them, but we also love them because they help us connect with more leads and make more sales! Let's learn how to make your email strategy effective and stand out from the rest in a very flooded inbox. We’ll start with a quick tip from one of our own. Sierra Meyer, Account Manager for Boundless Media, says, “Be specific in the targeting and keep the emails short and to the point, but still friendly.” Now, you might think the first step of getting people to read your emails is your subject line. Not true at all. You need to start by crafting an email with valuable, relevant information that your recipients will want to read. Your emails should be clean and to the point. Let your reader know who you are and why they want to read this. Offer your advice on an industry-specific topic, answer questions they’ve had, or let them know how your business can help them. Keep your font plain, spacing consistent throughout, a simple design, and a clear CTA. Remember K.I.S.S; keep it simple salespeople! Your subject is the second step in creating an email that will get opened. So how do you make your subject line stand out? First of all, you want to personalize your subject line. 88% of users agree they are more likely to respond to an email favorably if it looks like you created it specifically for them. So no more “LIMITED TIME OFFER” subject lines. Instead, use ones like “Hey John! You’ll want to see what’s in this email” or “Hey Jane, let me tell you how to solve this problem.” You do need to keep your subject lines short and sweet. If they get cut off, they lose their effectiveness. Here are some things to include in the body of your email:

  • Cover information that will be of interest to both sides. That will show them you’ve done your research on them.

  • Personalize. Personalize. Personalize. Let the reader know that you know who you're talking to!

  • Point out the pain points your company can fix for them.

  • Testimonials! Use testimonials from your other clients. This shows your prospect that they can trust you and you know what you’re talking about.

  • Strong CTA is key. Don’t close with “Hope to hear from you soon….” close with something like, “I’ve included my calendly link. Let’s schedule a call.”

Read more about email in our latest blog post about the topic! As always, we're here to answer any questions you might have!

Boundless Media Pet of the Week 🐱 We love our pets here at Boundless, and we think you will too. Here's our Pet of the Week, Jose's cat Paco!

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