Have You Been Burned By A Lead Gen Agency?

Updated: Oct 25

Have you had a bad experience with lead generation companies before?

Look, we'll be the first to admit the industry's reputation tends to lean towards untrustworthy. You may have committed time, resources, and money just to end up with no leads or lackluster results. So... what now?

Ultimately, you still need leads coming in the door to be able to scale your business. Lead generation companies can be really effective, and so can internal efforts.

Not all lead gen strategies are created equal, hence why you might get burned by companies that just aren't right for your product/service. If you've had a bad experience, consider whether the company or the strategy didn't work for you.

Here are some things to remember when it comes to lead generation (in-house or hired out):

  1. Stay Consistent: this means having a repeatable process in place, always prospecting and finding new business.

  2. Keep Leads Engaged: don't let any of your leads go cold or get forgotten.

  3. Contact Decision Makers: only use your efforts targeting people with purchasing power.

  4. Ideal Customer Persona: know precisely who is a perfect fit for your product/service, what they like, where they spend time online, their roles, etc.

Strategies for lead generation will vary significantly depending on what your business does and your price point. If you sell a lower-cost product, your focus is likely on getting a high volume of leads. If you sell a higher-cost product, your focus is expected to be getting a few high-quality leads.

Here are a few lead gen strategies to think about:

  • Content creation

  • RFC process

  • Ad funnels (takes many forms)

  • Cold social media outreach (takes many forms)

  • Cold email

  • Email newsletter list

  • Search engine optimization

Not only do you have all the options above and many more, but they can also each be highly customized and personal ($$$, higher conversion), or they can be more of a mass outreach strategy ($, lower conversion).

In general, you want to be deploying at least three outbound lead generation strategies at a time - better if you have 5+.

Whether lead generation is done in-house or with the help of an outside agency, there's a lot to consider when determining the right strategy:

Where is my ideal customer spending time?

How can I start a conversation with prospects?

What software is needed?

What can I spend to acquire a new customer?

How do I keep it all secure?

What level of personalization do I need?

What KPIs can I use to measure success?

P.S. Ask any agency you're considering working with all the questions above to help you know if they're right for you!

Lead generation is a crucial piece to every business, don't stop trying to get new business just because you've had a bad experience! You just need the right strategy to get in the door.

If you need help, let us know! We are pretty specialized, but we can always point you in the right direction or connect you with someone who can get you where you want to go. Feel free to schedule a call with us here!

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