How can I get more clients for social media marketing without cold calling businesses?

We get this question all the time: the answer FDE

Foundation, Design, and Execution

To be successful at any marketing, social media or traditional, it always falls under these three.

Foundation: you have to understand the foundations of marketing, principles such as niche, storytelling, brand, goals, content types and so many more. (I say there is 20 as I outlined in my book, “We’re All Marketers.

Design: you have to design a plan that’s right for you after you understand the foundations! This will mean who you are marketing to and how your market will be different for each person! Foundation prepares you to design a plan.

Execution: understanding the foundations and designing a plan will lead you to execution. You will take all you have learned and the plan you have made to practice.

Following these steps will get you ready for today’s social media world.

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