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Let's see if we can make this week even better for you by helping you learn about some ways to improve your business and by making you laugh with this cartoon.

Mind if I Control Your Mind a Little? What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)? NLP is a communication methodology initially formulated in the 1970s. The theory is that there is a connection between neurological processes, language, and behavioral patterns learned through experience and that people can alter these areas to achieve a particular goal. Now, what does that mean for you? Our team members are trained in NLP, and we use it when we communicate on your behalf to determine if leads are a good fit for you. Doing so saves both the seller and the lead time and energy. Having said that… there are a few ways of engaging with a prospect to

  • Make them more receptive to a phone call

  • Disarm them from thinking we are just salespeople

Neuro-linguistic programming can help influence a prospect’s decision-making subconsciously so that they are more likely to be receptive to your solutions. Think of it like Jedi mind powers! Let’s see how you can put this to work IRL.

How to use NLP when engaging Example 1: Probing Sometimes you will have to ask more questions to see if a prospect is a good fit for you. You can do this by introducing targeted questions, for example... Prospect: We are a startup. You: Hi [name], that’s amazing. We love working with startups. I’m curious, what platforms are generating the most leads for [company name]? Prospect: Well… By saying “I’m curious,” you are showing them that you actually care about what they are going to say and that you find the conversation genuinely interesting.

Example Two: Saying No Getting your prospects to say no seems counterintuitive, but you can get them to realize that you’re providing a solution that they need when used correctly. You: If I gave you a big bonus at the end of the year, would that be a bad idea? Prospect: No, that would that happening? You: We plan to ;) but see what I did there? We are conditioned to say NO far more than yes… it’s in our DNA. So instead of running away from it, let’s embrace it by getting a prospect to say NO. You can also use this method when trying to set up a call with a prospect. You: Hi [Name]! I’m curious, would a discovery call be a bad idea? I would love to dive deeper into what it is [company name] does. Prospect: No, that wouldn’t be a bad idea. Let me know what time works best for you!

We hope this gave you a little insight into how to use NLP in your conversations. If you have any questions about how we use NLP in our campaigns or want more information about it, please reach out!

Customer Service is Like So Fetch 💅 One of our incredible clients agreed to help us with this portion of the newsletter this week! WebPunch has been helping businesses improve and manage their customer experience and reputation for over seven years, so they know a little thing or two about customer service. Please continue reading for their tips on how you can enhance your customer service! The Customer’s Perception is Your Reality. Before last year, it was common for B2B companies to focus more on the sale than on customer service. In 2020, it became clear to us that businesses need to focus on strong customer service and building new relationships rather than relying solely on making sales. The customer experience affects not only your reputation but your bottom line as well. Did you know that customers are willing to pay up to 16% more for a better customer experience? It’s true. Here are some ways to improve: 1) Understand Your Customer & Make Them Your Focus Only 14% of large B2B companies actually ingrain customers into their company’s fabric, which gives you a tremendous opportunity to stand out among your competitors. Understanding who your customers are and how they’re going to change over time will help you maintain long-lasting relationships with them.

2) Speed is Key In a world of Amazon Prime deliveries shipping to your door in 1-2 days or having the ability to Postmates food to your house within the hour, it’s clear that in 2021, the key to great customer service is speed. We have found that making a promise of providing timely service helps improve customer satisfaction tremendously. 3) Aim to Be a Partner, Not a Salesperson Treat your partners like family. Let your customers know that you understand their goals and that you’re there to support them. It helps your customers know that you're with them through thick and thin and that you're always thinking of them. If customers know you actually care about their business, they are more likely to trust you and trust the solutions you present. 4) Deliver on Your Promises Customer service doesn’t need to be complicated. It can be as simple as following through with what you promise to your customers. If you promise to give something to them by the end of the day, do it. When things don’t go as planned, which will happen, be transparent about the situation and let them know how you plan on improving in the future. This honesty and reliability can be the difference between maintaining and losing a relationship. 5) Feedback is Your Friend Asking for feedback can be a super helpful tool in improving your business. In support of our customers here at WebPunch, our software and systems encourage our users to Close the Loop on their own customer feedback, meaning, no matter if they receive positive or negative feedback, follow up! Reach out to that customer and let them know you’re listening, that you hear their feedback, and have the conversation to see what you can do to make it better. You can’t win them all, but customers will always remember that you tried! 5) Be Flexible & Add Value 2020 taught us all how to be flexible, and we will need to carry that flexibility into this year and beyond. Adjusting to new situations quickly will be key to maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we need to prepare for anything and everything. Thank you so much to the team at WebPunch for helping us learn more about how to treat our customers better! Be sure to check out WebPunch if you want more help learning how to better manage your business' reputation.

Wow, that was a lot of info.😅 Take a breather, and we'll see you next week! As always, thank you for being with us! With 💛, The Boundless Media team

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