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This week we're talking about websites and introducing or re-introducing you to our team! Enjoy! 💛

But before we begin, does anyone else always have like 100+ tabs open on their computer all the time? If you use Google Chrome, they released a solution recently to help with that! You can learn more about it here.

Quick Website Flex 😎 Our incredible COO and Co-Founder Larissa recently revamped our website (Check it out here!) and learned some things throughout the process. We’ve compiled some of the most crucial things you should have on your website and wanted to share them with you. Let’s begin! You need to have three things to have a successful website. You have to know your market, understand your message, and be very concise in the offer or call to action. Along with these are four sub-categories. We call this our Website Theory. Let’s take a look at each category. Value Prop: A value prop is a statement that addresses your markets’ problem. This is probably the most important aspect of your website. It tells your audience the benefit they will receive from visiting your website. If your audience doesn’t know why they’re there or what they should do, they’ll likely exit out of your site. You have less than three seconds to convince someone that your website is worth exploring. Your value prop statement should be clear and impactful. Process: The process explains why your company works and how it works. Before buying a product or service, people want to learn more about what they're buying. It’s an excellent place to explain what makes you unique and what value you can add to your customers. Social Proof: These are testimonials, reviews, client logos, client photos — anything that helps prove your value and legitimacy. These things show that you’re honest and that people can trust you. Call to Action: This is what you want your audience to do next. It should be a direct action that you want your end customer to take. Maybe it’s filling out a form, watching a video, sending an email, or booking a time on your calendar. Whatever it may be, providing multiple spots to engage in the call to action makes people more likely to do so. These four sections are critical to have on your website. You might be missing out on potential customers by not having just one of these sections! We are more than happy to look over your website with you to see if you are missing any of these items. Just let us know if you’re interested! P.S. Nico gave a presentation going even more in-depth about creating a website if you’re interested in watching that below.

How to Build a Website

Hi, Nice to Meet Ya! We've probably had a chance to meet most of you over a video call, but if not, we wanted to help put a face to our names. We would love to meet you all in person, but alas, these introductions will have to do for now. 😁

Nico De Bruyn

CEO, Co-Founder

Nico co-founded Boundless Media in 2019 with a passion to leave every person better than he finds them. His passion for marketing comes after he graduated with a degree in Nutrition, so he decided to teach himself how to be a marketer by writing a book, We're All Marketers.

Larissa LaMaster

COO, Co-Founder

Larissa co-founded Boundless Media in 2019 after finishing her degree in Economics from ASU. Larissa's passion is optimizing processes and maximizing efficiency, like any true economist. On her days off, you can probably find her longboarding the Tempe streets with her dog.

Sierra Meyer

Account Manager

Sierra transitioned into the marketing world in 2020 after graduating with an ASU Public Health degree in 2019. She is currently located in Gilbert, AZ, where you can find her enjoying the sunshine 24/7.

Justine Anderson

Content Manager

Justine joined Boundless Media in 2020 after graduating from ASU with a degree in Communication. She loves creating designs that spark conversations and look beautiful on a profile. She also loves memes, all the memes. Justine has lived in Arizona for ten years and loves trying out new hiking trails around the state.

Sinaí Oleta

Sales Development Representative

Sinaí is from Caracas, Venezuela, and has been part of the Boundless family since 2020. With a formal education in material engineering, Sinaí helps us engage with your ideal client through LinkedIn.

Andres Clemens

Sales Development Representative

Andres is from Caracas, Venezuela, and has been a part of the Boundless Media family since 2021. Studying for a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he has acquired experience and knowledge in designing and manufacturing experimental Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Besides his interest in engineering, he is a huge sports fan, especially baseball. Let's go, Yankees!!!

Jane Tampol-Polinar

Sales Development Representative

Jane has been with the company following a brief stint as a Financial Services Sales Representative and 10 years as a General Accountant on large financial institutions. Jane graduated with a degree in B.A. in Banking and Finance. In her spare time, Jane enjoys creating arts and crafts or indulging every whim of her first furbaby along with its cat cousin.

We hope you enjoyed getting to learn a little more about the Boundless team! We're so happy to be helping you achieve your business goals. As always, we're here for you if you need anything!

With 💛,

The Boundless Media team

P.S. We're starting to use our Instagram (@GetBoundlessMedia) more often! Feel free to follow us here for marketing tips along with some fun stuff like behind-the-scenes!

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