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There is No Silver Bullet in Marketing Many people believe social media gurus when they say, "If you do this one thing, your marketing efforts will be successful." But we're here to bust that myth. We at Boundless Media believe in looking at marketing in a very holistic way. This means that instead of only looking at one aspect of marketing, we look at the business as a whole. Holistic marketing knows that all parts of a business need to work together to achieve success. This method helps you better understand your customer experience, see what's working and what isn't working, and helps you improve your marketing on a much greater scale. Let's walk you through how to take on a holistic marketing approach. There are four components to this process:

  1. Relationship marketing

  2. Integrated marketing

  3. Internal marketing

  4. Socially responsible marketing

Relationship Marketing: This aspect is all about knowing who your customers are, what they like, what they dislike, and figuring out what resonates most with them. Knowing your customer well helps them form lasting a lasting relationship with your company. Your relationships with customers are everything. Which is why the main factor in relationship marketing isn't selling. It's focused on building customer satisfaction and loyalty. Integrated Marketing: This component of holistic marketing integrates the unified message your company is sending to your customers through different media. This means that all of your media, whether paid advertising, earned media (such as reviews and comments from customers), or owned media (ex. your website and social media posts), is coherent with the same messaging. This helps you reach whatever goals you have because everywhere your customers look, they see messaging that works towards your goals. Internal Marketing: Internal marketing relates to the employees of your company and the interactions they have with customers. Customer interactions can either make or break your goals for your company. Training your employees to have the best interactions possible with your customers and keeping employee goals aligned with your organization's goals will help keep everything aligned. Socially Responsible Marketing: You might not have known the name for it, but I'm sure you've seen this type of marketing everywhere. Every time a cashier asks if you want to donate along with your purchase, or a company's website says that a portion of their sales goes to a charitable organization, that's socially responsible marketing. Any initiative or marketing campaign related to social marketing, environmental marketing, cause-related marketing, or socially responsible buying contributes to this overall concept of socially responsible marketing. This concept helps attract customers who want relationships with companies that want to make a difference. It's easy to dismiss marketing efforts because they're not meeting your goals as quickly as you wish, but we encourage you to take a step back and look at what other things might be affecting it. Maybe a form on your website isn't working, and you're leading people directly to it through your marketing, but they stop trying because of it! A broken form or other simple mistakes could be keeping you from reaching your goals! We hope this helps you better understand the holistic marketing approach. Let us know if you have any questions about it!

Boundless Media Pet of the Week We love our pets here at Boundless, and we think you will too. Here are our Pets of the Week, Sarah's dogs Tamora (left) and Felix (Right)!

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