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This week's newsletter talks more about making the most of every sales call you have and what to do if things don't necessarily work out how you wanted. Let's dive in!

Take The Dive 🏊‍♂️ To continue our conversation about positioning, we will talk about deep diving questions and how they can help you in your sales process. It’s very common in sales to have a call with a lead where you present everything you have to offer and then ask if the lead is interested. However, the idea of positioning switches the focus from a presentation of services to a focus on asking the lead deep dive questions to find their pain points and prescribing a solution at the end. This method helps you, as the salesperson, know exactly what the lead needs help with and where you can fit into the picture. It shows your lead that you’re going to be able to tailor your services to their needs and be willing to put in the work of solving their problems. This method also shows your lead that you’re an expert in your field and that they can trust you. In the sales process, these deep-dive questions start from the very beginning. We help with this process by sending questions to your leads through LinkedIn and/or email, helping to pre-qualify them before setting up a meeting with you. Next, when you sit down with a lead for a discovery call, you can continue the conversation. Asking questions that help you learn more about the company, their goals, what problems they are facing, what a successful outcome might look like, among other things, will help put you in a better position to present a solution and make a sale. Below are some questions that you could ask in your next sales call:

  • Tell me about your goals (financial, customer-related, operational).

  • When do you need to achieve these goals?

  • Are you having problems in [area as relates to the product]?

  • What’s the source of that problem?

  • What would a successful outcome look like?

  • What are your primary roadblocks to implementing this plan?

Asking these questions will help put you in a great position to present a solution that will best fit your lead. Let us know if you need any help drafting questions to ask! P.S - Click the button below for even more question ideas!

Question Ideas

Don't Wait for An Opportunity, Create One 🙌 The third part of positioning comes when you receive objections. Objections are, unfortunately, inevitable. And while we try to prevent any objections from happening, we know it’s not always possible. We are full believers in making the most of every opportunity, though, which applies to objections as well! Objections offer you a chance to improve your sales game and offer you an opportunity to connect with your lead in a different way. An objection offers you a chance to better explain your business and how you can be of value to the lead. Use a ‘no’ as a chance to get clarification from your lead about why they’re saying no. If they’re saying no for a reason that you can change or solve, tell them that, and maybe they’ll change their mind. Being told ‘no’ is also an excellent opportunity to add value and show that you’re a good resource to use in the future. Here are a couple of templates you can use when you receive a no. We also recommend following up every couple of months after you receive a no so that you remain top of mind for your prospect. Objection: We don't have the budget right now. Reply: Hi NAME, Completely understand, I’m curious, is there any value that I can share in the meantime? Objection: I don't understand your product. Reply: Hi NAME, Well then, let’s change that! Below are a few resources that explain our process but very high-level we INSERT VALUE PROP TO MARKET. Objection: Just a flat-out no. Reply: Hi [Name], No worries. Let me know if I can be of value in the future. BTW, I noticed [some problem] while looking through your website and made this video showing you how you can fix it if you want! Responding to objections will be highly dependent on the conversations you have already had with the person, and the messages will be more impactful the more personalized you make them. We're here to help if you have any questions about handling objections. We're in this together. 💛

Let's Do This Thing 👏 Over the next few weeks, we'll be implementing ways to help you engage with more people on LinkedIn. We've seen how powerful these interactions can be in helping you stay at the top of your prospect's mind. Some of the things we'll be doing and some things you can start doing today are:

  • Liking and commenting on other people's posts

  • Endorsing people's skills

  • Reading and commenting on people's articles

Thanks for reading to the end! Have a restful weekend and we'll see you next week! With 💛, The Boundless Media team

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