The GaryVee Content Machine: How Can I Use It?

We’re huge fans of Gary Vaynerchuk, AKA GaryVee, here at Boundless! We love his ideas about marketing and content creation and use them in our daily work. Something that we’ve been using since the inception of Boundless Media is GaryVee’s idea of a Content Machine. We want to explain what this idea’s all about and how you can use it to build your brand! Let’s get started.

Creating content is something every strong company needs to do. We live in an age where content surrounds customers, and one of the most effective ways to compete is to have even better, more engaging content for them to see.

But putting out content - especially in the amounts you need to stay competitive - can be overwhelming. So, how do you do it without somehow finding more hours in the day?

The answer is to create a content machine.

What is a Content Machine?

A content machine is a method of creating multiple pieces of content, that builds off a pillar piece of content. This content strategy takes the form of a “reverse pyramid” model, where you start with a long-form type of content, such as a video, blog, podcast, case study, white paper, etc., and build smaller pieces of content off of it.

Let’s use the example of starting with a blog post. You write a blog post and publish it on your website. Then you can take the information from that blog and create Instagram posts, LinkedIn posts, Instagram stories, videos, and more using it. We personally love taking quotes from blogs and turning them into beautiful graphics. If the blog post is very informative, you can create an infographic based on that information and share it with your audience. You can take these smaller pieces of content to drive people back to the original content — in this case, the blog post.

You want people to see the content you create, so do everything you can to drive them there. By using this content model, you will save a lot of time coming up with ideas and can focus more of your time on having conversations with your audience and doing what matters most to you. Plus, by creating all of this content, you will generate more views and ideally get more customers! It’s a win-win.

Steps to Creating a Content Machine:

  1. Write, create, or record a long-form piece of content

  2. Repurpose the best moments of the long-form content into smaller pieces of content

  3. Share smaller content across multiple platforms

  4. Listen to the audience to see what pieces of content resonated with them

  5. Take that feedback to create more content based on what stood out to the audience

  6. Drive audience back to view the original content

  7. Gain new customers, create conversations, make more sales!

Now that you know how to create a content machine, we encourage you to start using it for your business! We swear by this method and hope you give it a try! Contact us if you want some help getting started or have any questions about content marketing.

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