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I'll Follow You Until You Love Me, Papa-Paparazzi 📸 At Boundless Media, we're always trying to go above and beyond for you. We're strong believers in treating our clients as we would want to be treated, and that means doing everything possible to help you succeed! We are excited to introduce our new public relations initiatives at no extra charge to you. Let's learn what PR can do for your business. Public relations is all about building your brand's reputation and credibility by sharing information and insight across related platforms. Lack of trust can lead to loss of sales, which is why building credibility through industry platforms and networking is so important. PR also works to enhance your online presence. You can reach a much wider customer base by taking opportunities to be featured on various industry-related websites. By showcasing your business on digital platforms, you can show up during a customer's research phase when they're considering making purchasing decisions. This type of positioning helps you grow your business and doesn't require much work! Okay, now let's talk about what you really want to know: How are we going to help you do this? Some of you have already seen this in action (One of our clients got a feature in an upcoming Business Insider article!), but we'll explain it in more detail here.

  • We work with services that let us know when industry professionals and blog authors are looking for an expert in a specific business area.

  • The authors lay out a prompt which we then run by you to see if you're interested.

  • If we can, we’ll draft a response. Once we have something ready, we’ll get your approval and send it on your behalf. Oftentimes, prompts don't give us a lot of time to draft responses, so quick turnarounds are key.

  • We'll let you know if the author chooses to feature you!

While we can't promise you'll be chosen to be featured, we can use the copy we write for content pieces in the future & repurpose it in other ways. 😌 You'll be seeing us send you prompts more frequently, as we want to take a chance at every opportunity we find for you. If you have any questions about this initiative, we are happy to answer them! You know where to find us. 😉

A Relatable Meme to End the Week 😁 This meme was way too relatable for our team so we thought we'd share it with you! This is one of our favorite feelings ever. We love booking meetings for you. 💛

We are so excited to get started on this PR journey that it's all we wanted to talk about this week!

Have an amazing weekend you beautiful people. 😋

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