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It's almost the weekend! Today we'll walk you through our sales process!

This is us because it's Friday and we have to say goodbye for the weekend 😭

Learning About Our Sales Process! Having a good sales process is the most significant part of having a successful business. Having a defined outline of what steps you need to take and what tools you use for each step not only makes your goals achievable, but you will also have a clear vision and path to those goals. The first step to any sales process is prospecting. When you are prospecting, you want to make sure you know who you want to contact. Do your research before sending out messages. You can also prospect by asking current clients for referrals or attending industry events. Quality is definitely better than quantity when it comes to prospecting. Once you’ve done your research, you get to talk to your prospects. Having a great pitch and presentation is excellent, but that’s not where we’re at yet. You want to have a conversation with your qualified prospects. Ask open-ended questions, find out more about their projects, their true pain points, and don’t be too sales-y. The goal here is to establish rapport and trust with your prospect. Make it about them and not about you. Now it’s time to pitch and have a meeting! Knowing what their struggles are, what projects they have coming up, and what their personality is like — will help you set the tone for the meeting. You can also come in with a good outline on how you can help them because you have a good idea of the troubles they’re facing. If you use our RFC model, then you know their needs, budget, and timeline too. After you follow these steps, you'll be ready to sign contracts and get to work for your new clients! Message us if you want help during any step of this process!

We hope this helped you understand our sales process a bit more! With 💛, The Boundless Media team

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