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You have a lead. Now, how do you hold a conversation with them? Whenever we start a new conversation with someone, we follow a simple process for keeping that conversation going while also leveraging it to see if the person would be a good fit for our services. Let's learn how we do this. Once you’ve established some sort of connection with a prospect, you don’t want to come out swinging with a sales pitch. In the old days of B2B, selling your sales pitch was everything. If you didn’t have a good sales pitch, and you didn’t let your lead know exactly what you offered, then they wouldn’t listen to you. Although having a good pitch is still important, leads aren’t interested in what you offer. People want to know HOW you’re going to solve their problems. The best way to learn about their problems is by having a conversation with them! Once you make a connection, focus the conversation on them. Ask what projects they’re working on, ask how things are going, or even just start out with a joke relating to their industry. Remember, personalize everything, and be human in your communication with them. If you have an opportunity to present a solution to their problem, do it tactfully. Don’t blurt out, “HEY! MY COMPANY CAN SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM!” You want to say things like “I totally understand finding quality leads can be a pain! If you want some insights, check out this article my team wrote about finding quality leads!” This will do a few things for you:

  1. It shows what service your company offers

  2. It shows you’re credible in your niche

  3. It gives them information about you without being sales-y

  4. It gets content you created out there

  5. It makes you a valuable resource for your lead

Remember to always end your conversation with a call to action. It doesn’t have to be “book a meeting with me at your convenience,” every time. It can be other calls to action like, “check out this video,” or “I’d love your thoughts on this article.” All of these things add value to you and your service or product. That’s exactly what the conversation is for — adding value. Good luck and let us know if you have any questions!

Boundless Media Pet of the Week We love our pets here at Boundless, and we think you will too. This week's pet is Larissa's cat Hades who wants to show off his spooky Halloween costume from last week!

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