We're Slackin' About RFCs

Sarah Runyan(Content Creator & Copywriter)

Let's get ready


Nico De Bruyn(CEO, Co-Founder)

Here it goesss

Sarah Runyan

We're not getting ready to rumble, but we are getting ready to Slack-It!!

So, first questions for the group.... Who knows what an RFC is??

Justine Anderson(Content Manager)


Sarah Runyan

@Nico De Bruyn can elaborate, but RFCs are how we're going to change the lead gen game! It's a way to skip the cold lead process and close more deals in less time!


Nico De Bruyn

Ok, guys, I am so excited about RFCs

Let’s deconstruct it RFC

Request For Contract

In its purest form, it’s taking the guesswork out of outbound and only going after people who have told us their budget, timeline, and need

Manuel Bahamonde(Sales Development Representative)

That sounds convenient! That could make everything a lot easier.


No need to take leads from cold to hot is a huge game-changer

Justine Anderson

No more warming up cold leads?? Sign me up

Sarah Runyan

You can also really tailor proposals to showcase the skills the prospect is looking for because you know EXACTLY what they want!

Manuel Bahamonde

There are some secrets to do it?

Sarah Runyan

It's not really a secret; it’s being able to look in the right places.

Sierra Meyer(Account Manager)

Where's the best place to look?

Sarah Runyan

@Nico De Bruyn, would you like to spill the beans here?

Nico De Bruyn


Y'all ready???

Sarah Runyan

Let’s do it!!

Nico De Bruyn


All across the internet, there are pockets of people who virtually raise their hand

It could be in Facebook groups, tweets, or direct statements of work!

For us, we want to only find people who expressly tell us their needs, timeline, and budget.

There are SO many platforms out there, but what it really boils down to is what is right for the client.

Sarah Runyan

It’s like people that put out RFPs. But instead of wanting proposals, these people are telling people what they want and ready to sign a contract a lot sooner. (edited)

Manuel Bahamonde

Oh! That makes a lot of sense. So we are going to go directly to the source instead of doing extensive searches. I love that!

Nico De Bruyn


Jose Fuentes(Team support)

A 'You want it? We got it' kind of situations, right?

Nico De Bruyn

Hahahha retweet this

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