Weekend Motivation Inside 👉

Who else needs a little extra motivation today?

Our CEO & Co-Founder, Nico De Bruyn, has got you! Keep reading!

Here's some inspo from Nico! I used to read books for the sake of reading books! I classified that time as “working on my business time.” Yet… It was just a distraction! I thought that if I read every single one of the best marketing books, I would be the best marketer. If I read leadership books, I would be a great leader. If I read the top fitness books, I would be a six-pack-having superstar with great hair (well, I got the hair part right… maybe?) But that was just a lie. Why? Because as I was learning more, but I was doing less. I was doing the complete opposite of what those books were telling me. So I put that book away and started working and working and working. Taking those lessons and putting them into action has made more of a difference in growing Boundless Media than just “consuming” the info. And that’s exactly the same for generating new business! Whether through contracts or cold outbound (both of which we offer - in case you are in the market ), taking action is the only thing that will take you to the next level! So put down the book and get out there! Save yourself the years I wasted by just reading… and go do it! And if you are wondering where to get started generating new business, maybe we should have a chat But regardless… have a great weekend and go DO…sound fair?

Boundless Media Pet of the Week We love our pets here at Boundless, and we think you will too. The pets of the week are all four of Kay's furbabies! They're so fluffy we're gonna die!!

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