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Figuring out who your ideal client is can be an ever-changing process. The client you thought you wanted to target at the beginning might not be who you want to target now, and that's okay! We understand how frustrating it can be knowing that there's someone out there you could help but not knowing how to find them. 😓 We're going to take you step-by-step to help you find your ideal client and create your perfect buyer persona. Do a lil' dancy-dance if you're excited! 😁 First thing's first. Figure out what problem you're solving. Many businesses try to do too much or don't know what specific needs they are solving. Once you figure this out, you can tell your clients what's in it for them, making your business easier to sell.

There are some simple steps you can take to figuring out what your ideal client's needs are. Use Google or Quora to search what problems people are having in your industry. Below is an example of a search result that helped us here at Boundless.

Next, you need to figure out whose problem you are solving. AKA, who is the business you want to target? Look at numbers that tell you how big the company is, how much money they make, how many employees they have, etc. Also, figure out what the focuses of the business are. Answering these questions will give you a much clearer idea of who you're having a conversation with.

You can find these answers by going to industry review sites, searching for companies on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and searching job boards to learn more about the company. When finding companies to work with, take a minute to figure out if you would be a good fit for them. Do you actually like what they do or who they are? If not, it's okay to move onto the next lead.

Next, you can focus on figuring out who the key decision-makers are and how to approach them best. Figure out who the person is that will actually care about what you have to offer and make the purchase. Knowing who you're targeting allows you to customize your messages to get the best possible response.

After finding out who your decision-makers are and who your ideal client is, you can then create your buyer persona.

To recap, finding your ideal prospect will take some time and require research. The research you do today will save you a lot of time down the road, however, since you won't be wasting your time targeting people who aren't your ideal client!

We hope this has helped you figure out how to find your ideal prospect! Want to learn even more? Nico went in-depth about this topic during his recent conversation with Author Coach Stephen Howard. Check out the video here!

We've Got the Templates Last week, we talked briefly about creating and using Demo presentations to make more sales. We covered what you should include in a demo (See a recap below), but we wanted to provide you with some tangibles that you can take with you! Remember, having professional-looking and detailed presentations can make a significant impact on your prospects. 🤑 What Should You Include in Your Demo?: ⭐ A brief outline ⭐ Remind your prospect why they are there ⭐ An explanation of how your system works ⭐ Examples of past projects ⭐ How you compare to your competitors ⭐ An overview of what they will receive with your service ⭐ Timeline and Next Steps ⭐ Contact information We created some simple templates you can edit to make it your own and use in your next demo Loom video or sales call with a prospect. If you're doing a live demo with a prospect, you might think about changing up your presentation to be more interactive. You could carve out time during the meeting to try out your software or do an activity with your prospect. To edit the templates below, you will need to create a free Canva account or log in to your existing account. After logging in, go to the shared template, click 'file,' then click 'make a copy.' Doing so will give you a copy of the template that you can edit and keep for yourself. Demo PowerPoint Template FAQ for Proposal PowerPoint Template

We hope these templates help you WOW your future clients! Please let us know if you need help putting together your sales pitch or pitch deck!

Profiles That Dazzle ✨ We're a little biased, but we genuinely love using LinkedIn. (Surprise, surprise). LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for so many reasons. Our favorite reason is that it makes social selling easy. If you've never heard the term social selling before, that's okay. Social selling is a type of selling where rapport and relationships are formed initially instead of relying on cold-calling prospects. So, how can you set your LinkedIn profile up for maximum social selling success? The infographic below will give you everything you need to know.

Thanks for reading! Forget all the negative things you've encountered this week and focus on having a positive weekend.

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