Why did the marketer use A/B testing? 🤔

They wanted to C if their conversion rates would improve.

We're talking about getting more conversions this week, but this meme about strategy is just way too relatable. You can't please everyone!

Getting More People to Convert If you've been wanting to learn more about website conversions, look no further! We're going to tell you all about conversions, what they mean, and how to get more of them! Let's get started. What does it mean when someone converts on your website? It means that they have clicked a button, filled out a form, or purchased something. Conversions are what business owners dream about. The more conversions you get, the more money your business makes! Our CEO, and Co-Founder, Nico De Bruyn, said it best "Basically, a conversion is a measurable action that progresses a potential customer towards becoming a paying customer in an important way. Therefore, in online marketing, conversion happens when your visitor ends up taking the action you want them to take the most." On average, a good conversation rate is between 2-5 percent. Meaning a lot of people who visit your website won't become a customer. So what are some ways you can increase your conversion rates?

  1. If you have a form that you want them to fill out, make sure it's short and sweet.

  2. Reviews, reviews, reviews. Customers will hesitate to purchase if there aren't any customer reviews. Let people know that they can trust not only you but also your service.

  3. Add live chat to your website. Sometimes people might have a question about your service. If they can't get it answered right away, they will go somewhere else. Live chat can be an amazing way to convert users and build trust.

  4. A strong call-to-action (CTA). Your CTA can be changed whenever you'd like. It just has to be prominent, appealing, and easy to understand. Your CTA could be to subscribe to your newsletter, download an offer, book a free demo, share a post on social media, or purchase something.

  5. Conduct A/B testing. Play around with the copy, color, font, and CTA. It's not easy to know what will and won't work. If you have a landing page or pop-up that isn't performing well, try testing a completely different layout to see if you get better results.

Websites can be hard to get right all on your own, so if you want to get a second look at your website or landing page, let us know and we can give it a look!

Boundless Media Pets of the Week We love our pets here at Boundless, and we think you will too. Our pets of the week are all our doggos!

Thank you for reading!

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